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human-centric agility

Thanks for visiting my website - this page is still under construction, so please don't pay too much attention to what you find here.  I'd love your feedback on the home page though!

Agility allows organisations to learn and adapt quickly and safely, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge of front-line employees and avoiding the waste and delay that accompanies hierarchy and bureaucracy.

The value of agility depends on what you're organisation is trying to achieve - agility shouldn't be your goal, but it might be an important ingredient in meeting your goals.


Developing agility within your organisation means evolving new values, behaviours and capabilities.  You can learn a lot from what others have already done successfully, but you will need to do your own collective thinking too - cookie-cutter approaches to agility tend not to last.


Agility sticks when it recognises that all organisational goals flow from human needs and desires - and that our true values are what determine the needs and desires we choose to focus on, and the way we address conflicts among them. 


And agility sticks when we pay attention first to an organisation's people and relationships, then to values and behaviours and only finally to agile processes and tools.

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